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Alice in Wonderland – Set of 6 Alice in Wonderland Figures (3-inch)

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The toys of childhood: Let your kid discover the world full of adventures of Alice in Wonderland! Our Alice in Wonderland toys set is a great choice to show the little ones the amazing Mushroom Kingdom that Alice and her friends are saving from bad guys. Alice in Wonderland Set: Introduce your children to the 6 heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom with our Alice and wonderland cake toppers toys! Top-quality materials: We know that quality and safety are a priority when we talk about toys. The Alice in Wonderland action figures are made with top-quality materials and do not have any pointy edges or detachable parts that kids can swallow. Fun and entertaining: With this fantastic Alice in Wonderland playset, your child will not get bored that easily. The set is the ideal solution to keep the children engaged for hours in a super fun role-play game, that can help stimulate their creativity and communication abilities. Versatile use: The Alice in Wonderland toys are amazing collectible pieces for masha and the bear bedding sets fans. Also, the Alice in Wonderland figures measure only 5-inch in height which makes them great for playing, as an ornament, or a cake topper.

Product Specifications

Weight 3.84 oz
Dimensions 5.91 × 5.31 × 2.09 in

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