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Godzilla Mecha King Ghidorah (Action Figure 2021 / Size 6’’)

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  •  MONSTERS SERIES TOY: Mecha-Ghidorah is designed and painted to stay true to the details depicted in the hit Godzilla film. Recommended for children starting age 6 and up. Playing together develops imagination and communication skills.
  •  FIGURINE: This action figure inspires people of all ages who support any popular series of monster films, games, comics, toys, collecting cards and any products featuring the characters. This statue is a good addition to any collection.
  •  DESIGN: The toy is made of lightweight material. The use of die-cast material adds to the realistic look. The neck and tail connections allow movement to create a variety of poses. The figurine is 10’’ wide and 12’’ long.
  •  PRESENT: Standing at almost 7,5 inches tall, this King Ghidorah statue is the ultimate piece of art for all kaiju fans. Makes a nice gift for any birthday, anniversary, themed party or pleasant surprise for any occasion.
  •  SERVICE: The Mecha-King Ghidorah figurine features quality, safe construction. Easy to maintain. Wipe with wet towel from time to time to clean from dust. We offer professional customer support and replacement if you are not satisfied.

Product Specifications

Weight 10.4 oz
Dimensions 12 × 3.3 × 6 in

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