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Imusa USA 11.6Qt Jumbo Traditional Colombian Caldero (11.6 Quart)

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The IMUSA caldero is the workhorse of any Hispanic kitchen due to its versatility and unique design. The caldero (or cauldron in English) has rounded sides, a tight fitting lid, and superior heat distribution. Calderos are used to cook rice, beans, braise meat, and simmer stews and soups. Made in Colombia these traditional calderos will be part of your kitchen for many years to come. The rounded side heat up evenly and quickly allowing you to cook a variety of different foods. The matching lid is ideal to lock in flavor while cooking and the caldero can be used as a serving dish after cooking. This caldero (or cauldron) is an excellent addition to any kitchen and is ideal for simmering, braising, boiling, and all sorts of cooking, and features a tight-fitting lid that seals in aromas, flavors, and moisture.

Product Specifications

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 5.1 in

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