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Marineland Polishing Filter Pads (Mechanical Filtration for Canister Filters)

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Marineland brand is the world’s leading brand of innovative equipment and environments for consumers wishing to create the ultimate aquatic showcase. Committed to fishkeeping success for over 40 years, the brand is the professional’s choice for commercial display systems and scientific research. Whatever you’re passionate about – freshwater or saltwater, big or small, beauty or science – make your aquarium your own.Marineland brand provides a full line of aquarium filter accessories to create a clean and healthy aquatic environment for your fish. Marineland Polishing Filter Pads for mechanical filtration act as a water polisher, screening out fine particulates to promote increased water clarity. Place one filter pad in the top of your filter tray on top of biological media. Replace monthly, as polishing pads get clogged with debris over time. Do not attempt to clean and reuse. For use with Marineland C-Series and/or Magniflow Canister Filters (see packaging for sizing details). Fits 360.Clean, sparkling water is the mark of a healthy, thriving aquarium. The amount of filtration needed to maintain an aquarium depends on a number of variables. These include tank size, individual maintenance habits and fish population. Whatever your individual needs, Marineland brand has the filtration products you need to deliver on-target, advanced filtration.

Product Specifications

Weight 2.4 oz
Dimensions 8.46 × 1.93 × 8.46 in