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Milwaukee 1-7/8 in. Hole Dozer with C (49-56-0719)

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Spike technology for maximum productivity. Face of teeth - Special placement of 4 to 6 teeth per thumb and a positive tooth angle of 10 ° provides the following results: - Lighter and more aggressive sawing. - Perfect heat dissipation during sawing ensures longer life of sharp teeth. - Deeper curved teeth require more effective cleaning of the teeth, which prevents them from burning and heating. - Specially formed tooth angle has a lower tendency to be cut when sawing thinner materials. - Teeth have a striding position to minimize sagging and friction. - Less cutting pressure required when sawing with a suitable combination of aggressive tooth geometry and good removal of teeth. Tooth material - Matrix II premium cut steel is used for tooth sawing time. Matrix II steel contains 8% cobalt, which allows the tooth to retain its water hardness even at high operating heats when sawing metal. - Bimetal construction - Teeth made of stainless steel laser welded to the body of high-alloy steel sawdust. The teeth are hardened at a heat of 600 ° C in a vacuum to a hardness of 65 HRC, which guarantees the maximum life. - High resistance to the use of Matrix II steel is due to the fact that bread saws suitable for sawing hard materials, if they are stainless steel, acid-resistant steel and even softer materials, if e.g.

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Dimensions 1.88 × 3.9 × 0.25 in