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Ubercords 15-Feet 3 Prong Extension Cord (UL Listed)

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Ubercords 16/3 AWG Extension Cord - 15 Feet Connecting electronics, home improvement projects, and liberating power strips are so much easier with this 3-Prong Ubercords 15 Feet Extension Cord! Make those outlets behind furniture more accessible. Power your tools, favorite appliances, or home entertainment electronics with ease. With this grounded 3-prong extension cord, you're distributing power for all of your needs. Quality Product Ubercord 15 Feet Extension Cords are 16 gauge with fully molded grounded 3-prong male and female plugs. Not only will this product last, but as a UL Listed and CSA Approved product, you're assured that it's a safe product. Specification - 16/3: Grounded 16 Gauge with with 3 conductors - 13A, 125V, 1625W - UL Listed and CSA Approved: meeting required safety standards Ubercords is a proud USA company.

Product Specifications

Weight 21.6 oz
Dimensions 9.1 × 8.2 × 2.3 in