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Vietnamese Coconut Wood Chopsticks - Set of Ten Pairs

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Do you eat with chopsticks? We are proud to introducing the safe chopsticks for you and your family to use everyday, Coconut Wood Chopsticks. The chopsticks are hand made from coconut wood which is abundant in Vietnam. Coconut trees are the best description of the Vietnamese way of life. People drink the coconut juice, turn coconut flesh into food and candies, use the coconut leaves for roofing and the wood for construction. Not to mention the coconut shells become household utensil (tea pots, bowls and cups) and the coconut wood becomes beautiful chopsticks which are natural, safe and the most eco-friendly products. They are not only beautiful with natural coconut "veins" but also durable and stand the cooking high heat. If you use chopsticks everyday for food, try the coconut chopsticks. They are chemical free, safe, affordable, durable compared to the Chinese made chopsticks which the bamboo was treated with toxic chemical to make them white. Give yourself and your family the gift of being healthy starting with these coconut chopsticks. More product information: The price if for one package which contains 10 pairs (twenty chopsticks) Each chopstick is 10" high Color: dark caramel, natural wood color with streaks of the darker veins. Please let us know if you buy them as gift, we will wrap them in rice paper without extra charge. WHY BUY FROM US: Be sure to buy the coconut chopsticks from ASIA2YOU, NOT from other vendors who are currently use our listing and pictures! They are selling similar chopsticks with Chinese origin. Unlike other vendors, we know our source and work directly with the people who made the products. We also custom made our chopsticks to make sure that they are chemical free and safe to use. Make sure that you receive the chopsticks in the original package with our sticker on, like in the picture. We are not responsible for the quality of the chopsticks sold by other vendors. You can visit our website to buy the chopsticks directly!

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